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Golden Lion Tamarin Monkeys

Furry Tamarin Monkeys!

These furry tree-hoppers are called Golden Lion Tamarins and they’re native to just a tiny sliver of rain-forest in southern Brazil. Unfortunately, they are an endangered species and there may only be 1,000 of them left in the wild.

They are typically less than 1 foot tall and weigh-in at around 1.5 pounds — perfect for hopping from branch to branch! They spend most of their time above-ground in canopy forests to keep them safe from predators above and below. They live with family groups that can have up to 8 members. They also “talk” to each other with “peeps” and “screeches” to warn of predators and when they’re playing.

The tamarin diet consists of flowers, fruits, insects, and bird eggs when they’re really lucky. They keep active for about 12 hours a day and will move around in the wild to evade enemies who might try to track them by smell.

This awesome webcam is made available by Zoo Atlanta. If you get as much enjoyment out of these colorful guys as we do, please visit their support page to find out how you can help them out!

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