Lion and Hyena Webcam

Friendly Lion Resting

Lion Webcam

This wild animal webcam shows a habitat and resting area for African Lions and Hyenas. It’s a lot of fun to watch the king of the jungle relaxing on the rocks and looking very regal. Lions are primarily nocturnal animals so during the day you will often see them resting.

Lions live for 10-15 years in the wild, but under the protection of zoos and facilities, their lifespan increases to twenty years. Males are obviously known for their mane, which is a result of testosterone. Females (who do most of the hunting, by the way) are attracted to males with the thickest and darkest coats. This is perhaps one of the reasons that Scar was able to rule the animal kingdom while Simba was away.

About the Lion Webcam

This live cam is streamed by the amazing Milwaukee County Zoo. This is an incredibly forward-thinking organization that is dedicated to the conservation and research of wildlife all over the world. They strive to “create a unifying bond between visitors and the living earth and provide an environment for personal renewal and enjoyment” and they do this so well. Please visit their website to learn how you can support this amazing organization and their mission.

Other Photos Of the Lions and Hyenas


  • Maria Muller

    so beautifull

  • marahnatha

    Sad to see them pacing over and over in the same small space.

  • kd14

    terrible cameras, all fuzzy

  • please free the animal

    Just so sad to see such beautiful animals kept like this for money!!!! free them all you cruel zoo

  • carley

    these have way too much stereotypical behaviour, theyv been doing the exact same pacing for ages now, its not right, they need improved and more stimulation

  • Jennie

    Have they no access to the great outdoors? At least Safari Parks have that for their animals. If they have could we see it on here? They look healthy but that pacing looks sad.

  • Kyle W

    This is the bedroom (indoor exhibit) at the Milwaukee County Zoo. At this time it’s too cold for the animals to be outside for long amounts of time (the outdoor exhibit is about the same size as the indoor), plus the outdoor lion exhibit is currently being expanded.

  • CutesyMissy

    That female lion is giving me a look

  • Lorraine

    These Lions are so beautiful!

  • grace

    IS this live?

  • Brittany Washington

    Yes it is.

  • Doris

    Where are the Lions?

  • Lisa

    Are the Lions ever on camera anymore?

  • Brittany Washington

    Happy to see the lions again!

  • Doris

    There are huge black bugs in the Lion and Hyena den!

  • Jennie

    Where is the lioness? Haven’t seen her for a time. Is she away somewhere to be mated?

  • Doris

    Maybe she is outside?

  • Doris

    The Lioness is back!

  • Brittany Washington

    So glad the lioness is back!!!

  • Brittany Washington

    It is so sweet watching the male with the lioness. He seemed lonely when she was not with him.

  • Brittany Washington

    Today is World Lion Day! So great they are back together!

  • Doris

    He really did seem lonely!

  • Doris

    The black bugs are back in the den!

  • Jennie

    Why is access denied? Have always enjoyed watching the lions. Will they be back?

  • the lion king of the jungle

  • Have they no access to the great outdoors? At least Safari Parks have that for their animals.
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  • Sibin Chakkizhethu

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  • Jennie

    Why am I unable to see the lions anymore. Access denied I am informed, such a pity as I always enjoyed watching the lions and the hyenas too. Any reason?

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  • Sully

    It’s so sad watching animals like this just walking round and round in circles. To watch live animals go to

  • Doris

    I haven’t been able to watch in a long time, either. I get the same thing. Access denied. I wish they would fix this. I miss the Lions!!

  • Anne shields

    Lol that Lion and my cat would get on well all they do is sleep and yawn then make me yawn I love Lions their so magestic looking

  • Doris

    For those having trouble seeing the lions like I did. Downloading windows 10 was the fix! I am so happy!!

  • Doris

    Or not! Why am I seeing nothing but a black screen?