Koala Webcam

Koala Webcam

Koala Cam!

What could be cuter than a webcam of fuzzy Koala Bears? These cuddly marsupials are native to Australia, where they live in forests and feast of eucalyptus trees. Because eucalyptus leaves have very little nutrition, they spend most of the day napping to conserve energy.

This cam occasionally zooms in so that you can get a good view of the lounging koalas, but other times it will have a wide shot of the branches where they prefer to hang.

About the Koala Cam

This amazing cam is brought to you by the San Diego Zoo and is part of the Australian Outback exhibit. It is the largest exhibit of koalas in the world outside of Australia.

The San Diego Zoo is a truly incredible organization devoted to conservation and education about the natural world. If you enjoy this webcam, please visit this page to learn about how you can help them and their mission.

Other Photos of the Koala Exhibit


  • girlie

    looks very hot there today

  • sallylace

    I think it was and they are adorable

  • kat1


  • richonmc

    What is it that the keeper gives the koalas in a syringe thing ?

  • notadrugdealer

    drugs man

  • brebre123

    its not moving!

  • brebre123

    i dunno maybe

  • blackandbluegirl

    They are so cute! Or are they dead?

  • Jack Ripper

    This website is stealing these streams

  • Nathan Forester

    It’s currently night time on the one i’m using.

  • Dank Meme

    10/10 koala live stream. would recommend. dankest koalas i’ve ever seen.

  • KoalaFan123456789

    This is the best thing I have ever watched. 11/10 on ign would watch again.