Jaguar Family Webcam

Sleeping Jaguars

Cuddling Jaguars

The Jaguars featured in this webcam are residents of the Milwaukee Zoo and include two cubs who were born in November of 2012. The young Jags were named in an open contest and announced in March of 2013.

The names that were finally chosen for the cubs are:

  • B’alam (which is the Mayan word for Jaguar, meaning ‘great and powerful king’)
  • Zean (which was chosen by a group of school children in Belize)

Also featured on the webcam are the cubs’ parents, Pat and Stella. B’alam and Zen were the first litter for this happy couple. The whole family is healthy and we’re looking forward to many happy years of getting to watch these spotted guys!

Support the Jaguar Webcam

The jaguar cam is brought to you by the Milwaukee Zoo. The zoo is known worldwide for its amazing commitment to conservation and education of people about wildlife. If you enjoy the cam and the jaguars, please take the time to visit this link to learn more about how you can help their mission. There are many ways to support them in addition to monetary donations so please head on over to learn how!

Other photos from the Jaguar Webcam:

Standing Jaguar

One Proud Jaguar


  • Candice

    I feel so blessed to be able to watch these beautiful animals. ♥

  • Dawn

    What's up with the webcam feed?

  • girlie

    its perfect from my end..! love these

  • girlie

    they are so still,never seen such stillness.except one

  • Jeanette

    I’ve not so sure about them being “so still”. I’ve just seen them mate!

  • Beci

    Why can we only see three jaguars? The information above says there are a total of four (mom, dad, two cubs).

  • Sherri Roberts

    Do they ever go outside?

  • treasa green

    where are they?

  • CutesyMissy

    This cam is so interesting! They move alot, they are barely ever still!

  • katie


  • Lynn

    Where are the animals????? Plus the webcam keeps cutting in and out