Chimpanzee Webcam – Watch Chillin’ Chimps Live!

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Chimpanzee relaxing on a tree

Chillin’ Chimp

You’ll love our newest cam…chimpanzees! You’ll spend hours watching this live stream from the Houston Zoo! These primates are always having fun and we know you will too!

Chimpanzees are humans’ closest living relatives. In fact, we share 98 percent of our genetic blueprint with chimpanzees! In the wild, chimpanzees have been known to make tools and use them while hunting or searching for food. Usually you will find a chimp shaping a twig or stick in order to extract insects from their nests. Sometimes chimps have been known to use stones to open nuts or use leaves as vessels for drinking water.

Like humans, chimpanzees are very social animals and are even capable deception and using manipulation. In the wild, most chimps live in social communities made up of several dozen animals. They make their homes around forests and usually sleep in trees. Because of the special relationships between humans and chimps, we know a lot about chimpanzees’ intelligence. Humans have taught chimpanzees have taught symbols, basic understanding of language and even numbers. Chimpanzees have also been shown to use manipulation and deception. They are truly fascinating!

This cam is brought to you by the Houston Zoo, which prides itself on its involvement with chimpanzee conservation. The Zoo is involved with the Jane Goodall Institute and the Faleme Chimpanzee Conservation Project. To learn more about the Houston Zoo’s chimpanzee conservation click here:

To learn more about the zoo, click here:


  • Dennis

    Clean the webs off the lens please.

  • Dennis

    Bad view this morning.

  • Dennis

    No chimps here.

  • KC King

    What video format is this? My (Android 5.02 phone) can’t play the we can video. What plug in will play the video? If it is flash, I need something more secure and wouldn’t install.