Brown Bear Webcam at the Brooks River

Brown Bear in Alaskan Stream

Brown Bear in Stream

Every year at the Brooks River in wild Alaska, hundreds of brown bears join together to chomp down on delicious Salmon. The bear population in Katmai National Park is estimated to be around 2,200 strong and no doubt many of them will pass by this webcam.

Surprisingly, on days when there are lots of jumping fish, you will see fewer brown bears. The reason for this is that since they’re so easy to catch, the bears become full quickly!

August is typically a slower month so you might need to be patient for the next few weeks. Fortunately though, we’ll get another really busy season in September all the way through October as our furry friends try to eat enough for their long winter hibernation.

Photos from the Bear Cam:

Videos from the Brown Bear Webcam

Hungry bear catches dinner:

Morning for the fishing bears:


  • please free the animal

    in the wild, where they belong :)

  • jake

    love this view

  • Roxiegirl

    great view , went full screen for bear hunting for fish !

  • Roxiegirl

    does that guy even see the bear ?

  • Roxiegirl

    Lovely !

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