Wild Animal & Zoo Webcams

Live webcams of wild animals and zoo animals like bears, monkeys, elephants, and more!

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Live Chipmunk Webcam

1.09K Views2 Comments

Tiny and adorable: our live chipmunk webcam means you can watch these cuties whenever you want! While some people may see them as a nuisance, we think they are pretty cool! This cam is made possible thanks to the Virg...

Gorilla Webcam

1.73K Views2 Comments

We finally have him, the King of the Apes! This cam shows the Western Lowlands Gorilla habitat at the Toledo Zoo. Watch these beautiful creatures roam, play and interact in the grassy plains of the Kingdom of the Apes...

Roaming Bison Webcam

2.86K Views5 Comments

This live webcam features bison grazing at Grasslands National Park in Canada. The camera is live from 9:00am to 5:00pm central time. Bison helped shape the ecology of the Great Plains landscape, but sadly by the 1880...

Koala Webcam

4.69K Views4 Comments

What could be cuter than a webcam of fuzzy Koala Bears? These cuddly marsupials are native to Australia, where they live in forests and feast of eucalyptus trees. Because eucalyptus leaves have very little nutriti...

Lion and Hyena Webcam

12.65K Views608 Comments

This wild animal webcam shows a habitat and resting area for African Lions and Hyenas. It's a lot of fun to watch the king of the jungle relaxing on the rocks and looking very regal. Lions are primarily nocturnal anim...

Sloth Webcam – Cocoa, Bonnie & Okra

3.27K Views800 Comments

Introducing Cocoa, Okra and Bonnie -- the sleepy Sloth stars of this webcam. These three furry friends are Hoffman's two-toed sloths. The cam is live 24/7, but don't expect too much activity during the day as sloths ...

Meerkat Webcam

4.05K Views760 Comments

Awww just look at these scampering meerkats!! This webcam shows the meerkat exhibit at the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk, Connecticut. Meerkats are tiny mammals that belong to the mongoose family. They originate in ...

Jaguar Family Webcam

3.61K Views805 Comments

The Jaguars featured in this webcam are residents of the Milwaukee Zoo and include two cubs who were born in November of 2012. The young Jags were named in an open contest and announced in March of 2013. The names...

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