Shark Tank Webcam

Shark Tank Webcam

Shark Tank Webcam

This is one busy shark tank! It features several species of sharks: sand tiger, nurse, zebra, and blacktip reef sharks are all featured on this webcam.

The Zebra Sharks are named Baby, Yin, Yang, and Fern. These swimming-chompers have actually been trained to come to the surface for hand-fed meals of squid, clams, or sardines! Watch out for their shark breath after they have one of these meals, though :). The Zebra sharks can also grow to be quite large — some get as big as 11 1/2 feet.

About the Shark Tank Webcam:

This tank is an exhibit at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California. This great group is also responsible for other webcams we’ve featured, including: The Blacktip Reef Sharks, The Baby Penguins, and the Sea Dragons.

Many people don’t know that sharks are continually threatened by overfishing and habitat corruption. They are an important part of the ecosystem and should be as protected as possible. Education about these sharks and others is important so that people gain an understanding about the ecology of the ocean. The Aquarium of the Pacific does a great job of doing this.

If you enjoy this, or their other cams, please visit this page to find out ways that you can support the Aquarium of the Pacific. Donations are tax deductible as they are a non-profit that has a mission of educating people of all ages about ocean and sea wildlife.

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