Open Sea HD / Monterey Bay Aquarium Webcam

This ocean webcam is one of the most tranquil streams on our site. It’s so relaxing to just sit back and watch the beautiful fish swimming around the aquarium. On this livestream you’ll be able to see: bluefin tuna, hammerhead sharks, sea turtles, and sting-rays in an amazingly-captivating habitat.

The exhibit itself has over 1 million gallons of water in it, which makes for a perfect environment for this diverse group of sea-dwellers.

The cam streams 24/7 and is very active most of the time.

This cam is brought to you by the Monterey Bay Aquarium (donate here).


  • debbie

    this is a beautiful webcam it is so peaceful and soothing

  • booly

    yes but it appears to be tipped on its side, can you fix that ? :)

  • Jan

    wow so much going on and so many diff sea creatures. Fantastic!

  • Animals

    Is there a way u can make the quality better? Everything is just a shape and there r bubbles in the way which also makes it hard to see. Other than that it’s very relaxing and sometimes when the quality is better for some reason u can see all the beautiful animals properly. Great! :)

  • Roseanne Coggan

    A sea turtle,a ray and a lot of tuna

  • Animals

    I think I saw a sun fish. Do they live there?

  • sallylace

    shark fishies and turtle

  • Animals

    All I see is bubbles

  • Shawn


  • gaza


  • gaza

    dolphins ,tuna feeding

  • anon

    im just waiting for a mermaid to pop up XD

  • Aaron Hom

    OMG i love this site!!! I have been looking for this kind of site for so long! Im glad I found it. Ive only been watching this cam for about 15 minutes and I’ve seen so much wildlife!

  • Jman73

    I want to see the sunfish so badly.

  • Aaron Hom

    DOOD that would be so awesome!!!