Green Sea Turtle Reef Cam – “Calypso”

Calypso The Green Sea Turtle

Calypso The Green Sea Turtle

This webcam is of an area of a blacktip reef habitat that is a favorite hangout of Calypso, a Green Sea Turtle. You might not see her all of the time, but you’ll be entertained no doubt by the beauty of the reef and the fish who inhabit it.

This stunning Sea Turtle was rescued off the coast of Long Island in 2000 with an infection on her left front flipper (that sadly required an amputation). At the time, baby Calypso weighed only 6 pounds and because of her lack of a flipper, she would be unable to return to the wild. She has thrived under the care of the experts at the National Aquarium, though, and now weighs a healthy 500 pounds and has adapted to the loss of her flipper.

To get to that weight she eats 5-7 heads of lettuce every day, which are hand-fed to her by divers.

This webcam is brought to you by the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland. If you’re ever in the area, you should definitely plan a visit there. If you enjoy the Calypso habitat cam, please consider making a donation to the National Aquarium to help them out.

Video about Calypso: