Grand Cayman Island Reef

carribbean-reef-fbLive from off the coast of the Grand Cayman Island in the Caribbean Sea we bring you the Caribbean Reef Cam! You’ll see a wide variety of fish on this cam because it is located at a “cleaning station.” Cleaning stations are areas of the reef where fish and other marine life come to be cleaned of parasites, dead skin cells, and bacteria by cleaning fish or shrimp. For their services, the cleaner fish are not at risk of being prey for the larger reef dwelling inhabitants.

This is all part of maintain a healthy reef ecosystem. Keep your eyes peeled for reef special guest stars such as the barracudas who hunt around this reef. A few large spotted eagle rays are also visitors to this reef. There are many different types of fish to see on this reef such as Angelfish, snapper, soldier fish, puffer fish, trigger fish, parrot fish, eels, eagle rays, and even the occasional shark! The cleaning station is the perfect place to see all these amazing fish come together and interact! This cam is made possible by ReefCam. If you would like to learn more about this cam and other cams visit


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