Horse Stall Webcam (Mare and Foal)

Horse Webcam Update:

Horse Stall Webcam

Foaling Horse Webcam

This cam appears to have gone down, but fortunately for you horse lovers, we do have another webcam showing a Mini Horse and Her Foal. Please head on over to watch the Becca and Patience Webcam.

This cozy stall is the happy home of a proud mother horse and her baby foal. Unfortunately, we weren’t provided with any information about these two hay-chompers so we’ll have to name them ourselves. For the time being, we’ll call the mother horse Princess Roberta, and her foal we’ll christen Eugene.

Have fun watching!


  • Bulldog Lady

    I didn’t know horses sleeping laying down … they are beautiful

  • danny horse

    ist die Stute tragend ? wenn ja, wann bekommt sie ein Fohlen ?

  • Rainbow Dash

    Just witnessed the foaling ^^ Best wishes for the horses and yourselves from the Netherlands.

  • danny horse

    ein Wunderschönes Pferd.


    When we will have a baby?

  • Courtney

    The cam seems to be working, the horses are missing though.

  • Nicki Simms

    I have a question. I watched a foal being born a couple of times and each time a person will hold up one or two fingers. Can someone tell me what does this mean.

  • Nicki Simms

    Doesn’t anyone answer your questions?

  • graca

    Where is the foal?

  • Vickie Beegle

    it means peace. alot of kids are going it these day. he was trying to be funny

  • Grace

    Two means its a boy, one means its a girl.

  • Nicki Simms

    Thank you for replying

  • grace

    No problem :)

  • Lexi F.

    I don’t know if this is literal real time…for me it is May 3rd 2015 and so far the middle Chestnut mare has had a foal….I’ve left this cam on my laptop for the last 3 days watching these beautiful mares. I get home from my barn job, grab the laptop, look, sigh, or as this morning, jumped for joy to see a beautiful chestnut foal….I love live animal cams. its fun to see them active and sleeping. Such an enjoyment!!

  • Alexander James Roxburgh

    Is this really live ?? Cause the month is showing june when its acc november

  • payton

    No foals are popping up I have been watching this all day one even started pushing an the mare just got up and continued with her day !