Hedgehog Webcam – “Peanut”

Well you might not want to cuddle with them, but hedgehogs sure are cute! This live webcam features Peanut the Hedgehog, a resident of Tru Chance Rescue & Rehab in Maryland. Since hedgehogs are nocturnal, your best bet to see Peanut playing is to check the camera at night after around 9PM Eastern. Don’t worry, though, because you’ll still be able to tune in during the day to watch him catching up on his beauty rest!

Even if you don’t see him live, this cam includes a great video in the lower right hand corner showing some of his activities from the previous day. It’s a great way to catch up on anything you might have missed!

The name hedgehog was first used because these little pricklers loved hanging around hedges and their nose somewhat resembled a hogs.

About this Cam

This webcam is brought to you by Tru Chance Rescue & Rehab. They were founded ten years ago and are sanctioned by the Hedgehog Welfare Society as a certified rescue center! If you enjoy this cam please visit the links above and be sure to check out the hedgehog gifts page — too cute!



  • Diane Mcnamee

    aww he’s so sweet

  • meh


  • Common Sense

    someone needs to clean his cage??

  • Tex

    Peanut slips on his poo poo when he gets it in his wheel. Looks like he could break a leg

  • Rhonda Hicken

    He looks lonely……poor thing

  • Name

    You should give him more play toys all he’s goes on is that wheel give him some tunnels

  • jake

    so happy that the cam started first time seeing this little guy

  • jake

    ok why does he have to be in such a small space!? ok i get that its their job to do that but thats just my opinion

  • me

    wake up man

  • me

    where you at tho

  • Me

    Omg adorable!

  • aZnGoKu


  • Guest

    What happend to hedgehog? I haven’t seen him in over 10 days.

  • Kevin

    Peanut is so cute

  • Guest

    Did the low light level for night viewing malfunction? All I see at night is a black screen.

  • Guest@aol.com

    What the hell is wrong with your comments page?

  • Guest

    Your “live” picture is always one still shot. – – Why?

  • Guest

    If this is a live picture, how come daylight is showing through the window at 1:45 AM EST?

  • realmentoman .

    So cute

  • Ferro

    I finally saw him. Run baby, run!

  • Doreen Mann

    This is adorable to watch a hedgehog.