Baby “Fainting” Goats – Barnyard Webcam

Two fainting goats

Two fainting goats

Have you ever heard of a fainting goat? What about a nervous goat, stiff-leg goat, wooden leg goat, or a Tennessee fainting goat? Well we have an entire cam filled with these cuties and all the names they go by! No don’t you even worry these fainting goats aren’t sick and they don’t technically faint. These goats are really known as Myotonic goats and they have a harmless genetic muscle condition, known as myotonia congenital, which causes their muscles to temporarily freeze if startled or excited. This sometimes causes the goats to collapse. Don’t worry! This condition is not harmful to the fainting goat’s health. It just might be a little embarrassing for them sometimes!

Fainting goats are special for another reason beside their unusual condition. These goats are a popular domestic breed and commonly raised as pets and show animals. Typically smaller than other goats, they are easy to manage and contain. These goats are typically 17 to 25 inches tall and weigh 60 to 170 pounds. Another distinguish characteristic of these goats are their prominent eyes. Instead of having recessed eyes, these goats eyes protrude from their eye socket. Their coats can either be long or short. Fainting goats are known for being docile and friendly. If socialized properly they make wonderful pets.

Fainting goats are extremely rare breed of livestock and were almost extinct a few years ago. The American Livestock Breed Conservancy and many other livestock breeders fought hard to bring this breed back from the brink of extinction. These are such a special breed of goats that there is actually a festival in Marshall County, Tennessee that celebrates these funny animals!

This camera is brought to you by Barnyard Buddies Fainting Goats located in Colorado. The camera contains many goats of different colors, patterns, ages, even dams (females) and sires (males)! In fact, new babies or kids were born in early March! You don’t want to miss those baby goats on the cam! Check out Barnyard Buddies website to learn more about these amazing goats and maybe even look into purchasing on yourself!

  • maiden

    Why does it sound like somebody is having sex in the background

  • Lynn Bailey

    really injoy watching these baby’s

  • Andrew Silva

    I am very happy that your camera also has a nightvision mode on it, it lights up all the animals perfectly, and it seems like even during the darkness hours, they have just as much fun out there than when it is daylight…….

  • Roland

    Really nice to see !

  • no name

    I know I was watching them at night and I think they actually are funnier to watch at night.

  • Martha Johnson

    This is so nice and relaxing and to see these guys just being themselves.

  • tai

    there is a guy in with the goats, spraying something on the goats,, whats happening??

  • Diane Mcnamee

    wow can’t believe the snow you’ve got,just googled and it could end up 15inches thick !! you could do with some more shelters for the goats or are they out of sight ?

  • mom1951

    Snow. Wow. florida is a bright and sunny day.

  • Janet Farkas

    Don’t worry about the goats, they’re very used to it! If it gets too cold we put them in the barn.

  • grace

    There is kids watching.

  • Common Sense

    is the big black goat ok???

  • Common Sense

    do they eat green grass, do they have another area to roam around??? thanks

  • Common Sense

    do the goats need shade for summer? thanks

  • cookie

    Why are some goats penned up and others can roam the yard?

  • d

    goats are very cool

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    yeh man

  • mom191

    love the new babies.