Donkey Barn Webcam

Donkey Barn Webcam

Donkey Barn Webcam

Donkeys are everywhere on this webcam! This large donkey barn is in the United Kingdom and it’s a very active one at all hours of the day and night (though it can be a bit hard to so the best viewing hours are from 3AM-2PM Eastern time.

Donkeys can live for over 50 years and are highly intelligent. They are stronger than horses of similar sizes, but aren’t nearly as fast. They are herd animals, but can be very independent. It takes time to train donkeys because they need to develop trust in the person training them.

In groups, Donkeys generally choose the strongest to be the herd leader — even in domestic situations like this barn. They groom one another to keep clean just like monkeys! Groups of Donks are generally called herds, but can also be called droves. Single donkeys are often called “Eeyores” :).

Photos from the Donkey Webcam

Donkeys Hanging Around

Donks Chomping