Cute Baby Chicks Live Webcam

Baby Chick Webcam Photo

Baby Chicks!

These fluffy little hoppers have the high-falutin’ name of “Cochin Bantam” chicks. All this really means is that when they’re fully grown, their legs and feet will be entirely covered by feathers– this is called their “trousers!” Unfortunately for lovers of trousers, these chickens will experience what is known as “delayed feathering” so if their feet are bald, don’t be alarmed.

This group of happy chicks spend their days jumping around and socializing with one another. When they’re not zipping around their play area, you might catch them feeding from the feeder.

This webcam is brought to you by the fine folks at the South Mountain Creamery in Middletown, Maryland. In addition to this great webcam, they offer all kinds of fresh dairy and farm products. When you’ve had your fill of this cam for the day, check out their store by clicking here.

  • Joscelyn Cash

    SOO CUTE! 😀


    They really are! I can't stop watching them…

  • hellokitty75055 on y this is a rare albino duck with a mohawk

  • NiK

    I only see one chick right now, but he's so cute. he's just standing there – asleep – in the middle of the frame, haha

  • joni ledgerwood

    one of them is sleeping standing up….how adorable…hahaha

  • Maria Muller

    cute sorry

  • Laurie

    They’re so adorable!!

  • Crystal L. Pierce Carter

    Its a black screen all i hear is chirping cant see anything. :(

  • aman12345

    mine is very pixilated…The water container is barely there. arts of the background seem to be moving about in the pixilation. The fore ground and the birds seem fine.

    I am wonder if it is a light shining throough the water feeder causing the problem with the pixels..


    Yeah there does seem to be some pixelation due to some sort of camera angle. It should be back to normal soon…

  • CutesyMissy

    Mine is frozen with one of the chicks’ butt on the camera…

  • Common Sense

    this is so cute!!!!!!

  • Common Sense

    wow so many flies

  • Arjun Panda
  • meher

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