Chicken Coop Cam

Live Chicken Coup Webcam

Live Chicken Coup Webcam

The only thing better than a chicken coop is a Super Chicken Coop. Brought to you by, this top-of-the-line chicken coop is located in Carlsbad, California and is currently home to eight different chickens. It streams 24/7 so check back whenever you feel like it!

The main goals for this state-of-the-art chicken coop are: protection, ease of use, and of course, longevity! They truly thought of everything when building this coop. From trenching the ground and pouring concrete to prevent burrowing animals, to insulated cedar planks for warmth — this coop is a home for happy hens.

While all of those accouterments are great for the owner’s of the coop, the chickens seem to be more partial to the food and water buckets hung from the ceiling, the roosting bars made from and old birch tree, and of course warm and comforting nesting boxes! Everyone and every hen wins with this home.

Types of Chickens on the Webcam

As we mentioned earlier, there are 8 different varieties of chickens housed in this coop! See below for our descriptions:

  • Bard Rock: There are two bard rock chickens in this coop. Bard Rock’s are distinguished by their black and white patterned feathers. These Bard Rock’s also have red faces.
  • Black Sex Link: There is one black sex link chicken in this coop. This chicken usually has dark black or brown feathers and dark legs.
  • Buff Orpington: There is one Buff Orpington named Goldie because of her soft golden feathers and light colored feet.
  • Golden Sex Link: There is one Golden Sex Link names Autumn. She is distinguished by her reddish brown feathers.
  • Brown Americana: There is one brown Americana named Hawk in this coop. She is distinguished by her light brown feathers.
  • White Americana: There is one White Americana named Snow White in this coop. She is distinguished by her soft white feathers and dark feet.
  • Silky: There is one Silky in this coop. The silky is the easiest to spot due to her black fluffy feathers that cover their entire body, including the legs and feet.

Each of these chickens have their own personality! If you want to learn more about this chicken coop and even how to build your own coop check out!

Other Photos from the Coop ‘Cam


  • Grammy

    I absolutely love the chicken coop cam. Our city does not allow chickens so I just pretend these are in my own backyard. I just enjoy so much even listening to them. I was raised on a chicken farm MANY years ago. Fond memories.

  • Perla

    I love for them to have different web cams:)

  • sander


  • All I get is an error message :(