Bunny Rabbit Playroom Cam

A white rabbit in a playroom

Rabbit Playroom!

Just in time for Easter we’re happy to bring you this Bunny Rabbit webcam which streams a group of bunnies live from the House Rabbit Society in Richmond, California! Rabbits are most active in the evenings and early in the night so if you want to view them while they are playful be sure to check the cam around then.

In the wild, rabbits mostly eat hay and leafy greens so don’t be surprised if these furry hoppers aren’t Bugs Bunnying carrots. They have 28 teeth which grow their entire lifespan of around 10 years. Their teeth are generally worn down by eating and gnawing so that they don’t get too out of control, though.

About the Rabbit Webcam

This livestream is brought to you by the House Rabbit Society, an international organization that has rescued and fostered rabbits for the last 26 years. To date, over 30,000 rabbits have been saved by this group.

If you love this cam, please “hop” on over to their website to learn more and consider making a donation to this awesome group!


  • Norman Cruz

    Wascally Wabbits….. err…. I mean….. BUNNIIIIIIIEEEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!! 😀 <3 <3 <3 LOL 😛

  • Norman Cruz

    Silly bunny…. you’re covering up the camera, LOL. 😛

  • no name

    I can’t see them at night. Is it just me or is there not night vision in the cam. But during the day they are very cute and cuddly!

  • Clark Boswell

    Remove the rug at once . Remove the plastic rings at once and what’s left of the basket all that stuff can and will kill the rabbits . The Rug will give the rabbits sore hocks ( there back feet ) because the poo and pee on the rug and spill there water on it . The plastic ring and basket not good for there teeth or to eat it can clog up there tummy’s and kill then real fast . For there Teeth you need to get oak or a hard wood for then to chew on to keep there top teeth shorten if you buy it from a lumber yard make sure its raw wood only . Do not use at all plastic in there cage it can and will kill them use only wood . same for toys no plastic . Same for there bowls no plastic . and box wood only . straw and hay is best used for bedding not towels . They should be on a wire floor so there waste wont get on there feet . So they wont get sore hocks .

  • Betheny Migas

    im seeing nothing but blue…… oh nevermind cleaning time

  • Common Sense

    do these bunnies ever go outside??? thanks

  • mkm

    tieto zajace seru kade chodia, to moj zajko je vychovanejsi :)

  • Common Sense

    do they get to play outside?? in the sun and fresh air???

  • Mika


  • Mika

    yeah all bunnies do i had a bunny and (going to get another) we put a bunny hut outside for her and one inside so she could go outside and stuff we wold let her out to run a bit but we put her in a fence to run around when shes done we put her inside

  • Mika

    btw the cocoa pebbles are there poo

  • Common Sense

    thanks for the reply

  • Catalina

    I love watching those bunnies! My own died couple of months ago at age of 9. I miss hearing the bunny sniffing next to my ear when it came to wake me up in the mornings. Unfortunately I won’t be taking a new one since I’m allergic. Btw, can someone move the green ball, it’s infront of the webcam now.

  • Hun Jyung Park

    No bunny there! Bring bunny up front!

  • rabbitkiller1234

    rabbit stew anyone?????

  • rabbitslaughter123456

    man i really want some rabbit stew now!!!!

  • Bunny

    Are they staying in the bright light whole days? I think they need some dark place where can hide from light.

  • Hun Jyung Park

    I agree! Let them have some dark corner!

  • Hun Jyung Park

    Hey, I can’t see any bunny at this angle! Hurry! Fix that camera in no time!

  • Rabbit

    They seems really love to chewing walls!

  • hotchocolateandpjs

    There’s a toy blocking the camera :(

  • hotchocolateandpjs

    Yay thanks for clearing the view! <3

  • hotchocolateandpjs

    There’s a toy blocking the view again :/ Mischeivous little bunnies 😀

  • hotchocolateandpjs

    Thanks again for all your hard work and care! <3

  • Max

    Something is blocking the view :(

  • hotchocolateandpjs

    I feel kind of bad for the ones that work there and check the chat every now and then, all you get is complaints about toys blocking the view! I hope you all are having a great day <3

  • hotchocolateandpjs

    Wow, that new toy didn’t last long

  • xWhiteRabbitx

    Lil bunnies like eating the walls? 😛

  • xWhiteRabbitx

    Awww… Its just lying down in front of the cam! :3

  • Happy Bunny


  • Ty Gregory

    So cute

  • BunnyBuster

    I wonder What were they eating… hmmm what a strange creature

  • L8ModelFan

    PLEASE adjust the camera….down too low.

  • Rabbit

    Hey! Where is our rabbits with chubby tail!!!

  • Rabbit

    I miss him

  • Rabbit

    Anyway, I think they have merits too. Their legs looks so yummy.

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  • leah

    what happend to the camra?

  • bfghjmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    this is a cool cam

  • cosi


  • cosi

    i love Cosi lol

  • cosi


  • cosi

    stop are you will gget bamd

  • Leah Nichols

    I adore rabbits. We started out with 4(1 male, 3 females) and in no time had to add onto our bunny barn cause we soon had over 100!! I especially love them as babies, right after they get their fur, and when their little eyes aren’t quite open yet. They make the cutest little sniffing/snuffling sounds, and I love the way the babies hop like crazy if you put your hand near them(they think its Mommy coming to feed them). ADORABLE!!

  • Barry Kennedy

    What you are describing sounds criminal. Yes baby rabbits are adorable, but what ended up happening with the 100+ rabbits you had? One person cannot take care of that many rabbits by themselves and pay the vet bills and the spaying/neutering and the cost of meds when the rabbits get sick. In hoarding situations like that most bunnies end up dead from disease or fighting with one another or in high kill shelters or are fed to snakes and reptiles. If they are lucky they end up in a rescue or a caring home, but those cases are few and far between. The most likely end result is that because of your irresponsibility that over 100 “adorable” rabbits have suffered needlessly. And for every bunny you allowed to be born you took away a potential home from another bunny in a shelter. I hope that you have stopped this practice and the authorities charged you and have learned your lesson. Shame on You.

  • Kate Bonnell

    I adore watching rabbits play around, and twitch their tiny little noses. My love for them has grown so much stronger over the past years, and I am thinking of getting a Mini-Lop. Therefore, I have never actually had a rabbit before. I have researched, and learned all of the basics about rabbits, but I was wondering if anyone were to have any tips… Thank you!