Baby Turkey Cam (Poults)

Baby Turkeys Watching the Snow

Baby Turkeys Watching the Snow

Do you know what a “poult” is? Well you should — you’re watching several of them right now! As you probably guessed, poults are baby turkeys and this webcam features several of them 24 hours per day! Every month, more newborn turkeys will arrive as the old ones outgrow this area and are released to explore their home at the South Mountain Creamery in Middletown, Maryland.

Male turkeys are more colorful than the female ones (and they are quite a bit larger too). Another fun fact about the boys — their head can change color depending on their mood! A bluer tint can mean that the bird is more excited than normal; red means that they’re in a fightin’ mood. Watch out!

And now for my favorite fact about turkeys: you know that little bit of flesh that hangs below their beaks? Well it’s called a “snood.” Yes, a snood. But before you go around trying to show off this new bit of knowledge, you should know that snood can also mean “a wide ring of knitted material worn as a hood or scarf.” Ya learn something new every day.

Types of Snoods

Types of Snoods

About the TurkeyCam

These poults with snoods are South Mountain Creamery in Middletown, Maryland. In addition to this great webcam, they offer all kinds of fresh dairy and farm products. When you’ve had your fill of this cam for the day, check out their store by clicking here.


  • Andrew

    Just a question, whats with the siren I kept on hearing going off in the background…fantastic view..Thanks….

  • eLSewhere

    I agree. This appears to be a looped video. The siren sounds, the turkeys react, dogs bark, a child is shouting.

  • niki

    they look like chickens.? too many in that small space :(

  • Animal lover

    Wow some guy was cussing and walked right through there habitat!!! I don’t think theses animales are being very well taken care of!!!!