Yorkshire Terrier Puppies – Just Three Weeks Old!

This is an older clip. We do have another live Yorkie cam here that you can watch.

About the Yorkie Pup Cam:

Yorkie Puppies

Yorkie Puppies

Meet Shasta, Scotty, Scout and Siesta — an excitable group of Yorkshire Terrier puppies! The black furballs on this webcam spend their day cuddling and wrestling with one another — when they’re not sleeping, that is.

Their mother, Kimber gave birth to them at the begining of May so we’re sure to get a few weeks of watching the live stream to watch them grow up to be full-grown, happy fuzzbutts.

If you like these Y. Terriers, but still need more to get your fix, we have another live webcam that streams a different litter of Yorkie pups.