Yorkie Puppy Webcam

Yorkie Puppy Webcam Screenshot

Yorkie webcam screenshot

This cam shows three Yorkshire Terrier Puppies who are just as active as can be! While most puppies spend a lot of the day sleeping, these little furballs seem to enjoy spending their time running around and playing with one another.

They don’t have names yet, so if you want to give them some nicknames feel free to drop it in the comments.

Yorkshire Terriers get their name from Yorkshire, England, where they were first bred for the purpose of catching rats in clothing mills. They are hypoallergenic and shed very little if at all.

This webcam is brought to you by the great folks over at MyIttyBittyYorkies.com. Please visit their website if you’d like information on adopting any of these cute little guys!

Other photos from the Yorkie Cam:
Smile for The Close-up!

Close Up of Yorkie Puppy


  • Taylor Whitaker


  • They're so active and playful!

  • natahn

    are I love look at your puppy

  • Tina

    I remember when my guy was that little, so long ago, he is now 8yrs old

  • Tonya Pitts

    Love these babies, they are so "feisty"!!! LOL

  • Kathy Woodward Carpe

    OMG! They are the cutest things!!! I love watching them!!! The gals at work make fun of me because all of a sudden I will start laughing and they know I am watching the puppies!

  • Kathy Woodward Carpe

    Are they available?

  • I can relate to that!

  • I'm not sure if these particular ones are. I will check and let you know.

  • Mike&Candice

    These Guys are Fun…..

  • sue

    Love them….Question- Why does the littlest one walk backwards so often?

  • Anna Murray

    My yorkie when he was little he had backwards down pat….must be something they do.

  • Anna Murray

    What are the sexes of these little ones

  • Kristin

    A lot of this looks like it repeats…

  • Eloise Bates

    I believe it is so he can get a better run at the other little pup he is attacking.

  • Jessmabb

    The breed is from England so what about English type names

  • Dennis

    Same pups from 4 monthe ago?

  • Megyn

    Where are they located?

  • Monkeytunes

    Adorable puppy lies! This is edited already, now I’ll never know if Sleepy Guy ever got to take a nap for more than five seconds without getting jumped on. :(

  • His name was PUDDIN’

    I owned one and loved it!!

  • Christian love

    Are they in their ALL the time with no people to play with or get out where there is real grass???

  • Alexis

    Name- Nova

  • Philip Kime

    there is no sound,why not?

  • Brandon

    Omg!!! Cutest puppies ever!!! I wish I can adopt one!!!!!

  • Terry Simpson

    How old were they on Sep 20,2014? When will they be available for adoption? Is there a ‘sale’ price or a ‘rehoming’ fee – and how much is it? If these are not available for adoption, do you know of Yorkies or Silkies that are?

  • Terry Simpson

    I forgot to ask: where are they located? what are their genders? I’m headed over to myittybittyyorkies.com!

  • Sheridan Hills

    I wish i could hear these puppies!

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