Yorkie Puppy Cam – Nursery Webcam

Sleeping Yorkie Puppies

Sleeping Yorkie Puppies

*Note: since the original cam is now down, we are now showing footage of our other Yorkie Puppy Webcam.

The lovable yorkie puppies on this webcam were just born on September 16th to mother Savanna and a father named Jersey. There are three boys and one girl puppy in this litter.

Their names are:

  • Ava – the girl
  • Eastwood – male
  • Grayson – male
  • Guinness – male

About the Yorkie Webcam:

The adorable Yorkshire Terriers are living in a loving nursery in Ohio called¬†Ajjls Yorkies. All of these cute furballs are currently available for adoption so if you live near the area and are in the market — you should visit their site and schedule a visit!

Ajjls Yorkies has 23 years of experience raising Yorkshires so they are extremely knowledgeable.

Other photos from the Yorkie Puppy Cam:

Yorkshire Terrier Puppies and Mother

Savanna visits the pups


  • Charlie Tarochione

    Now dis is special. We're gonna post dis on "The Canine Community Reporters News" website. http://thecaninecommunityreportersnews.com

  • Candice

    This is our Frankie. He was born June 11th. Frankie took over the bottom shelf of a three shelf table. Lol This breed is so much fun. It will be fun to watch them grow. We had a Silky named Bobby who passed away in May after giving us love for 13 1/2 years.

  • Candice

    The little squeaks are so precious. They are adorable.

  • Les

    Why has mother not been in to feed pups and where's the fourth one , they were all there last night ..

  • Les

    Mother sounds agitated that she cant get into her pups ..very unsettling ..

  • Yorkie Yorkster

    Looks like the audio has been turned off.

  • gdd

    My favorite puppy

  • Outsidelookin’in

    So far, I’ve seen no human contact/socialization…. When does the mother get to be with her pups? Where are these critters? Not in a puppy mill, I hope!

  • Nancy Welch Rose


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