Husky Puppy Webcam

Screenshot of the husky cam.

Screenshot of the husky cam.

The Husky Cam features five adorable Siberian Huskies in their favorite corner play area. There are four girls and one boy (the gentleman wearing the stylish blue collar). These growing guys were born in October of 2012, and are all anxiously waiting until they’re ready to be adopted by a lucky family!

Huskies are well known for being energetic and highly active, and these puppies are living, streaming proof of that! While they aren’t using their energy to pull sleds, they’re perfectly happy spending their energy wrestling with each other (when they’re not sleeping, that is).

This cam is brought to you by Two Moon’s Siberian. You can visit their site to see what puppies are currently available and to find out more about their organization.

Other pics from the Husky Cam


  • Abby0567

    aww they are so cute I wish them good luck and I hope they find the perfect family :)

  • Francine Huskyluvr

    I could watch them all day..I adore huskies..:)

  • Francine Huskyluvr

    Mom to the rescue!

  • I can relate! They're such beautiful dogs. And so smart.

  • Francine Huskyluvr

    I want to tap on my screen to wake them up so I can see them…:)

  • Francine Huskyluvr

    Is this a pet shop or a private owner? Isn't it time for some darkness so they can sleep?

  • Francine Huskyluvr

    So this really isn't live, since these pups were born 9 months ago…:(

  • Not live I don’t think now

  • Chastity Marie Embick

    cray cray adorbes!

  • Lisa

    This appears to be ‘live’ , but with the wrong description relating underneath. I am very concerned about the overly cramped living conditions these puppies and Mother are currently living in. I have watched them for many hours now (I have a lot of time on my hands these past few days), and never see them being let out or any human interaction? The Mother is also becoming quite distressed at times and pacing, Where is this being streamed from? Hopefully I am wrong and this isn’t live, however if not, these owners need to be contacted.

  • cff

    i love huskies

  • Anthony

    So cute