Golden Retriever Puppy Webcam

Note: we have a new Golden Retriever Puppy Cam. You should check these guys out!

About the Golden Retriever Live Cam:

Golden Retriever Puppies`

Golden Retriever Puppies

Look at these fluffy puppies! This webcam would have been posted earlier today, but we got too distracted watching them. These 11 English Golden Retrievers (six boys and five girls) were born just last week by their proud parents, Bliss and Dublin.

Since they’re so young, you shouldn’t expect too much from these little guys except for eating and feeding, but we have high expectations for them in a few weeks! Occasionally, you might see some humans handling the puppies– this is to familiarize them with humans. It’s called “puppy aerobics” and it sounds like the best job ever.

Right now, the area you are watching is called the “whelping box.” The puppies will be kept here for three weeks until they’re ready for a bigger living area. Cute & furry times ahead!

**Note: the live cam appears to have ended, so this video is of highlights of the young guys. To check and see if it’s back up, check this video:

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