Corgi Puppy Webcam

This webcam features four Corgi Puppies (two boys and two girls) who were born in late 2012. Corgis are highly intelligent and are one of the oldest breeds to come out of the UK (that’s why the dogs bark with a sophisticated accent).

This cam is brought to you by Royal Hearts Corgis.


  • natahn

    I love see in your dogs on the webcam

  • Renee

    "Very few health problems"??? CORGIS??? Who wrote that. Oh, a breeder, of course. 😀

  • Not sure where we got that from! Fixed :)

    Thanks for the heads-up.

  • Yvette

    Awww this cheered me up.

  • NiK

    look at the pudgy bellies and little stubby legs /)^3^(

  • lyndy

    My sweetie pie, Bonnie, Penbroke Welsh Corgi, began having seizures at 5 years old, was on 2 types of meds twice a day for 3 years and died this past May at 8 years old from lymphoma. Heartbreaking….But for all these years, she was my pride and joy. The most loving loyal sweetheart ever lived.

  • Stewart

    Look at their little stubby legs!!!

  • Ethan Wong

    Where can I adopt a corgi in Southern California :(

  • Nancy Welch Rose

    Absolutely adorable I want all of them.!!

  • Sihaam E.


  • Ed

    Can we get this feed in higher resolution video?

  • Amanda

    this isn’t live

  • roberta


  • roberta

    I wanted to adopt all

  • roberta

    that goes back ready

  • Chris

    hmm, should I buy a pug or a corgi…