Hairless Kitten Webcam – Sphynx and Bambino Cats

Close-Up of Sphynx / Bambino Kitten


We know you love adorable and cuddly kittens and how could you not! So cute and fluffy! Well these cats might not be your typical fur babies, but they are in need of love! This cam features sphynx and bambino kittens! These hairless babies will steal your heart! Now you’ve probably heard of the breed of cat known as the sphynx, but you might be scratching your head and asking what is a bambino kitten? This is a relatively new breed of cat that is very rare. Introduced in 2005, this breed was designed to look like a baby kitten. In fact the word “bambino” means baby in Italian! Bambinos are a cross between the sphynx cats and a breed called munchkin cats. Munchkin cats are known for their selective dwarfism that usually results in short legs. These cats have been studied and found to be a genetically sound breed. The result of this pairing is the adorable bambino cat! Bambino kittens are characterized by their large ears, short legs, and of course their hairless bodies. At full size, they can weigh between six and twelve pounds.

Owners of these breeds say petting these cats is similar to holding a peach—soft and slightly fuzzy! The main concern owners have with these cats is making sure they cats don’t get too cold or sunburned!

Just because these cats are hairless doesn’t mean they are any less cat-like! Watch these little kittens play all day long! We promise this cam will keep you entertained with plenty of adorable kitten action.


  • Guest

    I think they are wonderful cats! Do you give them away?

  • Cletus

    Is the box big or do people keep taking them out? There were a bunch now just a couple

  • Seagreene

    I wondered the same thing. I counted 5! Maybe a big box??

  • Guest

    damn toooo cute

  • Mel

    why are 3 very playful and the other one not? is it poorly?

  • MIm

    If someone has an allergy to cats, would they not be allergic to these hairless ones? Thanks.

  • Ann

    I had one for 11 years. I’m very allergic to cats, but I could tolerate him as long as I took my allergy meds.

  • Mim

    Good to know. Thanks, Ann.

  • Laurinda Frulla

    Please send me contact info on owning one of these lovely beauties please. or 3182828484 thank u

  • Skitts

    I have horrible allergies, but I want one of these. Does anyone know how to go about adopting one?

  • Deborah Heilborn

    They are adorable.


    The cats are looking for stimulation theres no toys no open space to look at Adult cat looks cramped in tiny closed box Its cruel …

  • Sirsim

    I loooooooooove them

  • ruby

    they are gorgeous…but are they all just in one small box??

  • cookie

    I love the way they sleep together. How old are they?

  • Norman Cruz

    Wow… Soon as I came in here, they were pouncing all over the place, lol.

  • cookie

    Is this anew batch of kitties. There so cute.

  • cookie

    Why does she have one big baby and the rest of them are smaller.? What’s with that. Is she fostering a baby?

  • cookie

    Are there two moms in the box nursing?

  • cookie

    The moms have such a beautiful face. She looks like something from the royal thrones.

  • cookie

    There is so many kittens in there and two moms. How big is that box?

  • Liveanimalscamareyoukiddingme

    all ur cams r weird try apcam some time people

  • Anonymous

    That’s not true they have great cams

  • cookie

    How many cats are pregnant. This is a new batch of kitties.

  • iovewhencatsdonthavehai

    i love when cats dont have hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dick

    You should get a life. Your the one watching cat cams

  • david king

    so cute so cute