Kitten Nap Room Webcam

Aretha the Black Kitten

Aretha the Black Kitten

This webcam shows the napping area for three 4-week-old kittens from the Pawsitive Karma shelter and their mother, Arlie. They are mixes of domestic short-hair cats except for one, who is a long-hair domestic cat.

Here is how you can identify the kitties:

  • Arlie (the mother): black
  • Lemmy: Siamese, male
  • Aretha: black, female
  • Ozzie: white with orange spots. male

This area appears to be a resting and play area for the new cats at the shelter. The great people at Pawsitive Karma also have a Kitty Playroom Webcam that you can watch here.

If you enjoy this live stream (and how could you not), please support the Pawsitive Karma rescue organization. Also keep in mind that these kittens are adoptable so if you fall in love with one, you can make him or her your own!

Other photos from the kitten cam:
Ozzie the Rescued Kitten

Ozzie the Rescued Kitten


  • Warriorcatlover123

    How cute =^.^=