Friends of Felines Rescued Cat Webcam

Rescued Cat Webcam

Rescued Cat Webcam

This cat-centric 24/7 webcam is brought to you by the amazing people at the Friends of Felines Rescue Center in Defiance, Ohio (A+ city name as well!). As you can see, they have built one heck-of-a pad for these fuzzy kitties and it makes for an awesome cat-viewing experience. In my next life, I can only hope to be reincarnated and get to live in that playroom…

If you enjoy this live stream as much as we do, please find a way to support this wonderful rescue center. You can visit their website by clicking this link. You can also make a donation or contribute things that they need by clicking here.


  • Kat

    Sooo cute! <3 They are all gorgeous.

  • beth

    kitty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are soooo amazing

  • Paige Lovelace

    This is a rescue I support one hundred percent!

  • NiK

    There is a kitty in that cookie jar!

  • so adorable!

  • Little-Rarity-Boo

    Haha cute little old lady in the pink! Oh my gosh these kitties are so adorable! 😀

  • Linda

    From Linda: What is wrong with the cats that walk funny?
    Do they have Arthritus? They are all so cute. Thanks

  • Sonya Garrett

    man the cats in all the live cams want to seem to play just out of view today for me lol

  • you and me both! :(

  • Joni Ledgerwood

    how many cats do you have in this facility

  • Joni Ledgerwood

    how many cats do you have in this facility

  • Sandy Miller

    I LOVE this facility! One day I'm going to visit and hopefully adopt one of those adorable kitties. I'd love one of the ones that walk kind of wonky. So kyoots!

  • Sandy Miller

    They probably have cerebellar hypoplasia. It can be caused by various things during the development of the fetus: panleukopenia-parvovirus, malnutrition, poisoning, and injury. They live a long and healthy life despite the wonkiness. :)

  • Serenity_NM

    I work at a shelter in New Mexico and know how much work it is to keep things running so well. What a terrific group of loving volunteers. Every cat looks content and healthy. God bless all of you.

  • Serenity_NM

    I'm watching now at what must be bedtime at the shelter. There is just one woman who is feeding, setting out beds and towels, taking time to cuddle, stroke and give attention to each and every cat and kitten. The cat who has difficulty walking got lots of lap time and some assistance getting into a cozy bed. There are angels in this world and this woman is definitely one of them.

  • Serenity_NM

    For those interested in the "wobbly walking" condition in some cats, this article may be of interest. While it is not curable the cats do seem to enjoy a good life. They are my special favorites.

  • chassie

    i love this website. i love all the cats and kittens and the volonteers. may God bless all of them.

  • chassie

    i remember one saturday, someone brought in some very beautiful crochet afgans for the kitties they were beautiful!

  • chassie


  • chassie

    oh that black and white cat is just so adorable! and smart too! lol

  • tiatia113

    i am loving this :) i am living abroad and am without my 2 kitties for over a year! this is satisfying my kitty fix. you guys are great and it looks like an awesome place!

  • June-New Mexico

    The singing in the background is new and very annoying. Hope this can be removed.

  • chassie

    aww, i just love this girl holding the cat. the cat looks so happy and contented. she needs to take him home.

  • chassie

    the big priss cat needs a good groom and comb out. she is turning into a cute but big furball! lol!

  • chassie

    aww, i heard that kiss smack! lol!! so cute! lol!

  • chassie

    this is my all time favorite web cam. it keeps me happy throughout the day and keeps me from being stressed out at work. i love the atmosphere of this lovely blessed place and the volenteers are very hard working and so devoted to these beautiful cats and kittens. makes me wish for a pet cat or kitten.

  • chassie

    I would love to see this sanctuary featured on “ANIMAL PLANET’S SHOW, “MUST LOVE CATS”. that would be so wonderful.



  • Nicki

    just waiting for a cat to attack the cam…

  • Emma

    They are all so lovely and happy! Well done you fab folks over there for giving the care and kindness in your hearts to these beautiful animals. I particularly enjoy watching some of the cats have a go on the wheel and have a bit of a “jog”! Very sweet. What a wonderful place. – X

  • girlie

    i watched at noon ,now it is 8 30 pm ,.all the clean and put down on floor rugs and toys are now being used,its so sweet, i just now caught the feeding time! so love this

  • Miranda

    Where are the cats?

  • formerwild child

    Love it. There are cats coming from everywhere.If we lived in Ohio, we’d adopt the 2 injure ones we see.

  • Paula Mantle Was Hutchings

    funny watching the two tabby kittens playing

  • megsyss

    Those cats have CH it is a neurological condition that affects their balance. But other than the little wobble, they are very happy and healthy kitties!

  • carmen

    why are some of the little ones wobling?

  • Mark

    Do you have any bob cats.

  • meezermom

    They have a kind of brain damage from birth or injury. Other than having the wobbles, they are healthy and happy.

  • meezermom

    It warms my heart to see how caring the volunteers are, stopping to pet them and give them a cuddle. And I love the way they walk, watching to make sure they don’t step on a tail or a paw…just like home!!

  • Nathalie

    Hello cats

  • Bobbi Duncan Ciliberto Speegle

    These kittys are safe and happy to be cared for lucky cats

  • Bobbi Duncan Ciliberto Speegle

    Discovered your webcam last week. I peek in often love it. I have worked in rescue along time. I have a kitty shelter called The Purr Place. Same concept, free roam, beds,toys. You have a wonderful place. God bless all of you for all you do for the kittys!

  • httyd_hiccup

    What conditions might some of these cats have? I ask because as I viewed today (for the first time) I noticed a cat walking around a little wobbly

  • Amanda Kreider

    Their this one gray and white cat that couldn’t walk right and cats screaming too a few mins ago

  • Roma

    Hi, this afternoon I spotted a cat with a dark tail go in the end lower white kitchen cupboard, but did anyone see it come out. I think it is where the towel,s are stored

  • Osama


  • KittyGalore

    Love it! Thank you for letting us see the kitties!

  • Tammy

    Enjoyed watching the gentleman hold all of the kitties up to the camera! That was great! They are so beautiful!

  • Julie Heck

    I love the tye dye cat shirt that one of your workers is wearing, where can I get one ?

  • Tammy

    Who is the cute white kitty they show lying in the bed?

  • Becki Wyatt


  • Tammy

    Is little Seymour doing okay? I hope so.

  • Mandy Long

    AAAhh..poor little black kitty. Back legs seem to be messed up. Very wobbly on back legs. Poor little baby! :-(

  • Mary E Thompson

    Hello kitties!! Just found this site last night and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!

  • me

    so cute!

  • Amy

    Thank you. Good night <3

  • cookie

    They had at least 4 cats that don’t walk well. They drag their back legs. What happened.

  • Julia

    I think it’s called feline ataxia. It makes them wobbly and have bad balance. But they are usually quite cheerful and not too badly affected by their condition.

  • Julia

    The kitty cuddles in front of the camer are greatly appreciated, thank you ♥

  • Julia

    Aww, I want to cuddle all those kitties. But here I am in Germany, >4000 miles away. When I’m done writing my bachelor’s thesis in 2 weeks, I’ll ask my local shelter if they could use my help with their cats. I can’t have my own cats quite yet (my home isn’t cat-safe and I don’t have the money yet), but my heart has always been open to any cat around, so I figured this way everybody could benefit :) And finding this webcam yesterday was the best thing that happened last week! I really enjoy watching. It’s entertaining, it’s soothing and it’s lovely too see all those well cared for cats and all the work you people over there do for them. Thank you for caring for those kitties ♥

  • Tammy Harper

    The gentleman holding the adorable cat on the floor, is so precious! The cat is in ecstasy. I love it! You all are wonderful.

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  • Tammy Harper

    Aww.. Cute kitty :)

  • S,

    This man cuddling cats is simply amazing. :)

  • krydal31

    I saw these cats also & could not stop crying. Cookie there is information about them by clicking the link to their website. These wonderful volunteers take in a lot of sick or injured cats & kittens with plan to either ready them for adoption or find a permanent home for them at this institution where they know they will be loved & cared for. I am in Australia & even though we have places similar to this here, I would be very surprised if cats as sick as these were allowed to live which seems such a shame when you realise that they seem happy & quite satisfied with their forever home. Thank you to all the volunteers at this marvellous rest home & thank you for showing me what you do. I plan to make a small donation to you. God bless you all.

  • Allison Joseph

    I am so addicted to this website; I am always sneaking a peak
    at work when no one is around,

    Thank God for people like this, their delectation and
    tireless work, they have such big hearts!