Fat Cat Webcam – Cute Chubby Kitty from Japan

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Kitty Snoozing

Kitty Snoozing

You guys know we love cats waaaay to much to ever insult one — so if we refer to the chubby kitty on this webcam as “fat” know that we say that out of love :). Seriously, the big sleeper is so adorable. Unfortunately, we have very little info about this cat (see below) or what time the live cam operates, but it’s not live at all times so if it’s not running when you visit, try again later.

Note: I really wish we had more information on this cam, but unfortunately the description we received is in Japanese. If anyone can help translate this please leave a message in the comments!



●解放したまま配信しておりますので、居たり居なかったりだと思いますが、大概は爆睡していますので、暖かく見守ってやって下さいませ(笑)。   これからも宜しくお願いしま~す!


  • susan

    here’s what google translate says:

    Thank you watch over Torataro always

    ● Basic delivery time ●
    Up to 5 o’clock – evening around 9:00 in the morning on weekdays, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays is on hiatus.

    ● I think, so we have delivered in the opened state, and I would sometimes not home or away, since it has been 爆睡 is most likely not please do watch warm (laughs). Should be addressed to – looking forward to hearing from you!

  • Thanks!

  • miranda

    Why is she in the cage all the time?

  • makayla

    shes not in the cage for me

  • makayla

    i wanna see the fat cat not to see nothing duh