Caroline’s Kids Free Roam Cat Sanctuary (270 Cats!)

Caroline's Kids Cat Rescue

Caroline’s Kids Cat Rescue

Imagine a place with over 270 cats who are allowed to roam free in a cage-less sanctuary and are given loving care by a dedicated staff. Well such a place exists just down the road from Concord, Ohio and it’s called Caroline’s Kids Pet Rescue.

Caroline’s Kids is a non-profit organization that cares for elderly, abused, and special needs cats. This webcam has a great birds-eye view of a popular room for the cats. Since it’s a free-roam facility, the cats explore and play as they please. If you want to watch the cats being fed live, tune in at 7 AM for morning feeding time or at 2PM in the afternoon.

As you can imagine, while love is free and abundant, providing care for all of these feline friends requires a great deal of monetary help. In fact, it costs $25,000 per month to run the facility! If you enjoy this webcam, please consider making a donation to the wonderful group that runs Caroline’s Kids. Visit this link and click the donate button.

They also have an Amazon store where you can buy treats for the cats themselves if you prefer. You can visit the store here.

Other photos from the webcam: