Caroline’s Kids Free Roam Cat Sanctuary (270 Cats!)

Caroline's Kids Cat Rescue

Caroline’s Kids Cat Rescue

Imagine a place with over 270 cats who are allowed to roam free in a cage-less sanctuary and are given loving care by a dedicated staff. Well such a place exists just down the road from Concord, Ohio and it’s called Caroline’s Kids Pet Rescue.

Caroline’s Kids is a non-profit organization that cares for elderly, abused, and special needs cats. This webcam has a great birds-eye view of a popular room for the cats. Since it’s a free-roam facility, the cats explore and play as they please. If you want to watch the cats being fed live, tune in at 7 AM for morning feeding time or at 2PM in the afternoon.

As you can imagine, while love is free and abundant, providing care for all of these feline friends requires a great deal of monetary help. In fact, it costs $25,000 per month to run the facility! If you enjoy this webcam, please consider making a donation to the wonderful group that runs Caroline’s Kids. Visit this link and click the donate button.

They also have an Amazon store where you can buy treats for the cats themselves if you prefer. You can visit the store here.

Other photos from the webcam:
  • Kellie

    What an awesome organization :) The kitties laying back-to-back makes me so happy!

  • Suny

    Vets can donate a free sterilize program for those beautiful kitties.

  • Elisha Rose Adorno

    aw , one of them sounds like it is having some congestion??? or maybe just snoring , they are so precious.<3

  • Elisha Rose Adorno

    awww, i love watching them!! so great there are organizations out there like this to help.=)

  • ebbie

    thank you to all of the loving dedicated volunteers who take time out of their busy lives to care and love all of the kitties !!!!!!! god bless debbie


    It's really so sweet that people dedicate so much time and effort to sweet animals. They're great


    It's really amazing what they do at Caroline's Kids.

  • ebbie

    ahh wish I could be there to love on all of them!!!!!!

  • Brianna Starchild Ho

    cute little kitty in the sink <3 adorable


    That's so cute!

  • megsahoot

    This is so sweet! Look at their little beds! :)

  • Stephanie Marie Pres

    OMG the Cribs are so cute!!!!

  • dizzy

    Awwww all the cribs have kitties in them!

  • Linda

    My cat WEYA passed away this August and this web site has been a comfort to
    me. It has been part of my healing. This is a wonderful thing
    you are doing and when I get to lonely I watch Caroline's Kids.
    I Plan to donate to help with food. God Bless, Linda

  • Sonya Garrett

    lol they just adore the attention their getting <3


    They really do, the cuties!

  • linda

    this is so awesome. Love watching it. I lost my beloved cat Snowball in July. He was very old .He was an outdoor kitty. I miss him very much. he just left and never come back.

  • Sarah Ceccato

    Is there by any chance a bird feeder outside of their window?? If not, they need one!! :)

  • Yuki Ukitake

    Cat sleepin in the sink xD

  • tim

    sorry about your cat . I know this sounds awful but a lot of times cats will just go off to pass away. but watching these cute cats sure can put a smile on your face

  • linda

    ty tim.Thats what others have told me too. watching these cats does put a smile on my face.

  • Jan

    organised chaos and lovely to watch. Much nicer to see than cats locked in cages.

  • Jan

    There is a ginger cat that insists on jumping on the ladie’s soulders for a ride lol

  • Sarah Ceccato


  • Marie Lynn

    Love watching this site…..everyone looks so loveable….I wish I was close …I would love to help out…!!

  • MzKitty

    Ooo, a new tunnel toy…filled with kitties already. I love this site.

  • debbie

    good night gatos I love all of you!!!!!

  • MzKitty

    So happy the webcam is back up!! I missed the kitties. I love the fact that as the ladies feed them, then go back to put the food bag away, the cats chase them,,,umm, guys, the food is in the bowl…

  • Christina

    I am so happy I found the kitties, i keep it on at work and when I get stressed I take a look! MEOW!~!

  • debbie

    good morning cats hope you have a nice day!!!!!!1

  • margaret jablonska

    AWWW sleepy time now …good night !!!!!!!

  • margaret jablonska

    me too!

  • catnipt2

    merry Christmas kitties hope you all received yummy treats!!!!!!

  • Auntie April

    Such sweet cats and wonderful caretakers. I wish I could help.

  • Paula Mantle Was Hutchings

    love the little kitty cots :)

  • Gwen

    Aww, sooo cute!!! It was pretty funny: I was reading a few of the comments and listening to the background noise of the webcam when all of a sudden, a cat made the loudest, most spazzy, most adorable meow and scared me out of my skin. I had the volume turned up almost all the way because I figured it was just background noise.

  • Barbara Lorand Hanczaryk

    Feeding time. Wow. I love that she’s putting separate little plates in the cribs:)

  • jojomade

    <3 the little kitty beds. This place is heaven. Wish I could help

  • Jen McGary

    Um…looks like you have a sink-peer on your hands. ;) One of the all black ones. I had a calico that insisted on using the tub, even though she had her pick of several litter boxes.

  • northernontariojz


  • Sexynred

    Awe you guys are awesome for doing this for the kitties and you can tell they love you :D

  • hope

    The lady there today that wears the black bow in the back of her hair is the most loving and kind to the babies there…I love it when she talks to the kitties…:-)

  • Nibblet

    The very slim lady talks to the cats all the time and is such a hard worker, she never stops! what great people.

  • Bric

    I wish you would show the other room, the one with tree trunks and high walks for the cats. It was on my iPhone once but isn’t available any more and is at all available here.

  • hope

    You are so right Nibblet…they are all really wonderful people there..!!….I love watching the kitties everyday….I am getting to know some of the kitties names too….they all have their own personalities….

  • judie_carolines-kids

    the room with the tree and high walks is on ustream . if you go to our website at you can view both room at the same time

  • northernontariojz

    this is my favourite animal cam / animal shelter of all-time. this place is a dream come true for animal/cat lovers. thank you to everyone who helps keep Caroline’s Cat Rescue in operation. what an incredible staff, what amazing volunteers. i see the work they do each and every day on the camera. i see how content and comfortable all of the kitties are. the cats are treated with so well and it is a joy to watch. thank you for live streaming 24/7 for all of us to enjoy. if i ever win the lottery, Caroline’s is going to get a big donation. i have fallen in love with this place.

  • northernontariojz

    p.s. the little kitty cribs/cradles are the cutest thing i have ever seen. what a great setup. i love it when i load the camera up in the middle of the night and every little cradle is taken by one or more kitties, all curled up, sleeping peacefully. i also love seeing “who is on the counter today” as there is always some great action going on in the sinks by the windows. and again, what blessed staff…wonderful souls taking care of the cats…love you all.

  • northernontariojz

    just been watching the other room, i love all of the beams and branches for them to climb on

  • northernontariojz

    the woman in the blue sweatshirt right now is so loving to the kitties, they are all gathering around her. so cute to watch.

  • northernontariojz

    oh…romeo…and juliet…i hope they both make a good recovery…bless you for taking them in…poor romeo, frostbitten…

  • northernontariojz

    gosh, the staff is working hard today. (well, they always do, but today seems busy, busy). they are so dedicated. those kitty cats are so loved.

  • Ilovecats


  • northernontariojz

    good morning from canada. virtual coffee and donuts for all of the staff. ♥

  • northernontariojz

    …and loving head rubs and cuddles for the kitties, of course.

  • northernontariojz

    lol at the cat who tipped the bucket and is hiding inside while she does the dishes. so cute.

  • northernontariojz

    back again my little precious babies…kisses and cuddles to all the kitties…the sweetest cat haven in the whole world…xox

  • northernontariojz

    is that johnny on the counter? the infamous orange tabby? i have not yet learned all of their names, nor can i i.d. them from one night to another physically.

  • northernontariojz

    good night precious kitties have a sweet, comfortable night of dreams about catnip and love and bless the staff.

  • judie_carolines-kids

    thank you northernontariojz, for joining our cam and for your very kind words. Johnny is fun, so happy you enjoy his antics

  • northernontariojz

    hello everyone…another wonderful day at Carolines…bless all of the staff and kisses for all the kitties…johnny just gave what i call a love bite… :)

  • northernontariojz

    what is the biggest expense you have next to veterinary bills….is it food, litter, building maintenance…what supplies are always needed the most…and…besides the kitty needs, what things do the staff go through a lot of…and also…what would be a good way to treat the staff for all their hard work… thanks and meows! :)

  • Eva Lenkei

    Is very cute the kitty tricolor /calico/, who is still sitting in the kitchen at the entrance or under the tree! Can see her nearly or foto?? Is beautiful all this doing the ladies for poor kittens!!! Is very touching!!!

  • judie_carolines-kids

    Hi northernontariojz, how sweet of you to ask. Our needs are great and so many but wet food is a huge expense every week. They love Friskies twice a day and with 280 kitties, feeding time is a huge job with lots of food being fed. also for special needs kitties we use people canned tuna in water and baby food ( chicken or turkey brands broth but NO onion powder) paper towels, bleach. dryer sheets, laundry detergent the list goes on.
    For the staff… they would so appreciate anything. they just never get a chance at lunch so snacking is a huge thing for everyone there. They would be so appreciative of any treats sent for them knowing that others care about them.
    thank YOU so much for your kindness and for watching our little ones. that is the greatest gift to us that people see our work and love and care about the furkids who call Caroline’s Kids “home”, and care about helping us to help them.
    Right now my veterinary bills are sky high, and bless his heart, the vet still helps us to help the little ones that come in. But my bill grows by leaps and bounds and it sure would be wonderful to pay down so if anyone would like to help in that area please send donations for vet bills directly to Lake Animal Hospital, 1777 Mentor Ave. Painesville, Ohio 44077. ATTN: Donna and write on the memo line “For CK Vet Bills”.

  • northernontariojz

    @judie_carolineskids:disqus thank you so much for replying. now that we know what you need the most, we can put our donations to the right uses. there is absolutely nothing like ‘Caroline’s’ around these parts. in fact, cat overpopulation and abandonment in a big problem where i live (as with many places.) ‘Caroline’s’ is a model example that many cities could follow if they set their hearts on it. we are anxious to prepare boxes for all of you and the kitties to enjoy. we are in Canada, but just a hop across the water from you. and thank you for providing your vet’s address. i have stars in my eyes thinking of all the ways i can start a cash fund to assist those needs. i am going to be reaching out to all the cat lovers here, there are many. surely if our own community had the same services, we could assist them. but they don’t, so, you get the gold…you deserve it. :)

  • judie_carolines-kids

    oh my goodness norhternontariojz, YOU are a blessing. being a charity and relying on the generosity of donors, we are always always in need and the bills never stop. the cats MUST have food and litter and vet care so your help in anything you can do would be appreciated beyond any words. thank you for helping us to provide the high level of care that CK is known for. We need an army of cat lovers who believe in our CK mission to go out in the world and spend the word that we do need so much.
    I am grateful for your kind words

  • debbie

    all of you are the greatest you are angels I love allof the cats wish I could be there to help you all out if I ever win the lottery you will never have to worry about funds again !!!!

  • judie_carolines-kids

    Hi Debbie.. happy you found our live piece of heaven to watch. enjoy it when you can and try to watch at feeding time

  • northernontariojz

    i agree! let’s visit it one day and help out for the day too! :)

  • northernontariojz

    hello all the beautiful babies! nice bright sunny day it seems, all by the window xox

  • hopehope

    Good morning kitties….black kitty with white paws jumped up on the counter…said hi to an orange kitty……then gently touched another kitty…looks like a fluffy Tortie…it was so cute……good morning too……to all the hard workers….another faithful watcher from Canada..!!

  • judie_carolines-kids

    thank you hopehope. I am so honored that you enjoy watching our little ones and our staff and volunteers. The kitties are our joy and we are happy you found CK

  • hopehope

    good morning everyone…..kitties look hungry this morning……also they are very verbal….to the lady that is feeding them…

  • northernontariojz

    hi my little babies, kitties…everyone has gone home for the day…i missed the staff these past few days…and pulling up the cam…glad to have my Caroline fix…been starting to stockpile the Friskies to send to the whole gang. XOX

  • northernontariojz

    remember everyone – send them loads of Friskies brand food…those happy kitties eat a lot XOX

  • Eva Lenkei

    The cute calico kitty (in the kitchen) always hid, she has no kitten-friends, fear of the other kitties, she afraid to eat too. Sorry poor cute kitten….

  • bethany

    so cute

  • genie

    why does everyone look so unhappy there?

  • Julie Heck

    All these cats look unhappy. I NEVER see anyone around to play or even pet them. They need some human contact.

  • northernontariojz

    nobody is unhappy at caroline’s. the cats are safe, loved and respected and the staff are hard-working, dedicated and involved.

  • northernontariojz

    feeding time! hello staff, hope you are all doing well today! great to see everyone and the kitties! :) :) :) :)

  • Cat Lover

    It looks like there may be a mouse under the sink/dishwasher, a few of the “mousers” have been very attentive lately (maybe the past week at night). I know my own kitties will wait and watch for hours if they even “think” there is a mouse (and as it ends up, they are usually right, there is a mouse). But … unfortunately for the mouse, unless they can get back outside, they don’t have a chance against my ever-vigilant and patient kitties. If I were a mouse at Caroline’s, I’d pack my bags and head for the hills, FAST!

  • leocharlietaz

    is it better for cat for people to buy food from Amazon or a gift of money

  • Carolines Kids

    we are so grateful for any donations and some people prefer to give items and others money.. both are good and so appreciated.
    new link to kitchen cam as youtube changed it yesterday to
    this link is the same kitchen cam or find it on our website
    technical bugs were worked out yesterday and we got a new link.

  • Frotbanana

    Just wondering why you leave the tap running like that? :)

  • Frotbanana

    Funny how these cats seem so bored until a human comes in. Glad to see animals being cared for like this but hope also they get a lot of physical interaction at some point. :)

  • Bobbi Duncan Ciliberto Speegle

    These cats have nothing to worry about they are safe and well cared for, they stroll around and check things out that’s what cats do. They are happy to be where they are, so lucky they are not on the street or behind some restaurant begging for food.

  • Jaime

    Oh my god the kitty bunk beds!

  • jasmine

    Where does one find kitty cribs? lol

  • jas

    Btw, the kitties look pretty content. Howwww in the world to they get along. I always worry about getting another cat as i have one atm..hope she would get along with another.???

  • Victoria Perry

    I just love the kitty cribs! How cute is that.

  • dayna

    good morning babies you are all so cute!!!!!

  • Diane Mcnamee

    I’m loving the little cribs and pram,you’re doing a wonderful job,love from me and my cat milly x

  • Diane Mcnamee

    I’m guessing it’s because some cats like drinking running water,I had a cat that used to only drink from a running tap

  • Diane Mcnamee

    Loving watching these beautiful cats but thought I’d best let you know that the little white one was making vomiting noises just before she came into the room,I know it’s her as saw her and heard her then sneezing and making vomiting noises when she came in,here’s a print screen of the cat,hope she or he’s okay.

  • Frotbanana

    LOL, could be!

  • Frotbanana

    Wow that place is so clean. Job well done!

  • Frotbanana

    LOL cat chooses the carpet to be sick instead of the easy to clean tiles :)

  • Diane Mcnamee

    I was up most night fascinated watching them and yep caught a few drinking from the running tap lol

  • Frotbanana

    That is hilarious. Cats are such funny animals! :)

  • Frotbanana

    Hope they’ve seen to the cat…?

  • dayna

    good morning everyone hi kitties so nice to watch all of you so cute!!!!!!

  • paula

    I would image their doll beds but is a great idea, lol and this place is so clean for having all those fur balls ………… great job guys !

  • paula

    i think they are doll beds

  • dayna

    gosh their little beds are so cute I just love watching the cats and thank you to the devoted volunteers for caring for these babies

  • northernontariojz

    bless you all today…much love to the kitties and staff…xox


    Thank you VERY much!

  • Carolines Kids

    Thank you to all viewers who enjoy the camera and comment. Our staff and volunteers do an outstanding job. the cats need so much care and we can not do it without the generosity of donors. Food and litter are huge expenses for us and we sure could use donations that anyone would like to send. our wish list is on amazon on our website. Please forward this cam to your family and friends and help us to help those in our care

  • Jenny

    Its nice see that all your cats get on so well with each other. and its so nice that people like you to take care of these`s lovely cats bless them.

  • Diane Mcnamee

    I love how my cat Milly,who sits on the window sill next to my desk,looks up at me when she hears one of your cats meow lol sure she thinks it’s me,you’re all doing a fantastic thing with these poor puddy cats,and it’s lovely to see such a clean,well run shelter filled with love,thank you on behalf of all them angels you’re helping xxx

  • Diane Mcnamee

    Have you got another link to watch on the other side where the other cats are ? only just noticed it’s a huge yellow house that the cats can play in,I thought it was some kind of huge water tank lol

  • Carolines Kids

    Hi Diane, we do have another room with live cam but not the one you are referring too. that yellow house is a huge Western village in keeping with the theme of the Western room. the cats can sleep inside or on top and it hides the litter boxes as we keep them behind the village. it is on wheels to make it easy to move and clean.
    go to our website and click on the Ustream link to the Tree Room.
    Thank you for watching, commenting and enjoying our little ones

  • Diane Mcnamee

    thank you,I’ve found the tree room now,so is the tree room the one with the yellow house in ?

  • Diane Mcnamee

    being naughty and trying to get into the cupboard again lol

  • debbie

    just wondering do the cats in the kitchen have access to other parts of the house?

  • Carolines Kids

    absolutely they do.. access to hallway, bathroom. back room and the stairs going upstairs.. it is a very large home and they do have room to roam

  • Carolines Kids

    Hi Diane..LOL.. I am guessing there is a dumb mouse making noises they hear. it is a century home so there are lots of openings we have not found yet but the mice have. the cats get occupied by the rustling that is made.

  • Diane Mcnamee

    brave mice lol

  • Guest

    aww this takes me back to one of my cat family,he was named Thomas and he loved cuddles,he’d really cuddle into you,had him for 12 years but Liver disease caught up with him so off he went to rainbow bridge,with me stroking his paw.

  • Diane Mcnamee

    This takes me back to a cat I had years ago named Thomas and he really cuddled you back,he loved everyone and everyone loved him back,had him 12 years till he went to rainbow bridge.

  • Diane Mcnamee

    can you please delete this as it posted before I had chance to sign in thanks

  • debbie

    again I want to thank all of you angels for loving and caring for these babies

  • Carolines Kids

    if anyone can help us to help the cats in any way it would be so very appreciated.
    our well sprung a leak this weekend and that repair was not in a budget so we had to use gallons of bottled water and 6 inch paper plates to get us through and that was not budgeted either. this of course means that needed food and litter is going to be harder to purchase too. I know everyone out there has their own problems and many of you were flooded last week but as a charity we sure need to have support for those in our care. whatever you can find in your heart to donate means the world to us. Thank you so much …. Judie

  • Carolines Kids

    to donate monetarily you can access paypal on our website at

  • Jenny

    I love watching your pussy cats. they all get on so well together. as their are cats who like to fight but yours don`t. do you ever re home your lovely cats?

  • Carolines Kids

    Hi Jenny, we do have a couple cats who dislike each other and can start a fight here or there but mostly all get along.. we do rehome but have an adoption process, our mission is we are a sanctuary for life.

  • debbie

    the cats love to have visitors I just love them

  • Carolines Kids

    sorry, youtube is having problems will be back up soon I hope

  • hopehope

    :-( still off…..

  • Carolines Kids

    I have heard from Pet Collective that youtube will not be back in office till Monday so no work will be done to bring this cam back up till at least Monday,, Please stay with us and this will be resolved. it is all cams on Pet Collective Live not just CK. We will stay in touch with our viewers to make sure if there is a new address that you all have it. this weekend, please do watch our cam in the Tree Room on Ustream

  • Diane Mcnamee

    welcome back,you’ve all been missed

  • hopehope

    Good to see the kitties again….!!

  • Maddy

    Hi l love youer cats

  • azsunset

    good morning everyone have a wonderful day

  • azsunset

    is this a live feed this morning it still looks dark and it should be 10.20

  • SulieRue

    since my cat unexpectedly passed away i have been watching 24/7 and am SO impressed with the love given the kitties. and you have some beautiful ones! wish i were closer so i could volunteer

  • SulieRue

    thx 4 what u do

  • SulieRue

    Good morning kitties!

  • hopehope

    Good morning everyone…..kitties are waiting for the ladies to come to be with them and get some breakfast.. :-)

  • Heather Bryant

    Nothing like watching a cat take a poo on the rug by another cat to make my day.

  • Heather Bryant

    Wish i could just go there and pet all the kitties for a week.

  • debbie

    me too heather!!!!

  • SulieRue

    ah, the excitement when “Mom” shows up and starts making breakfast!

  • adrianna

    that is alot of kittens they must be crowded

  • artman7788

    this is so amazing !

  • catmom

    I can see geese walking around outside the window the cats love watching them so cute

  • catmom

    hey what happened to the cat video ?

  • northernontariojz

    what happened to the cam? it says “this live event is over.” is there anything we can do to help bring the cam back up???

  • hopehope

    yes please tell us what happened….!!

  • northernontariojz donate here and more info…

  • northernontariojz

    ♥ yay! i found it again! the cam is up! ♥ click this link and then there is a window for the cat ‘kitchen’ cam – and there they are. i suspect what has happened here on this page is that they have not updated Caroline’s camera link on this page and so they are not getting the right link, so this cam shows dead. but it’s up and running on the site. ♥

  • catmom

    so happy to have you all back again!!!!!!

  • Lanette

    Caroline’s Cat Sanctuary should be praised for all the cats getting wonderful care! The cam is so fun to watch and everything looks so nice and clean…..EXCEPT the bulletin board is so plastered with pictures and papers that it almost ruins the whole effect of the kitchen room. Please clean up your memo board and everything will be perfect then. Thank you!

  • azgirl

    everything is so nice and peaceful here I love the music they play in the background very soothing the ladies are cleaning all the time love all of the cats

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