About the Hummingbird Webcam: Phoebe’s Nest and Feeder

Hummingbird Feeding Baby

Feeding Time!

This webcam shows the feeding area and nest of a Hummingbird in Orange County, California named Phoebe. The cam streams daily from 8AM-8PM Eastern Time and has been humming along since 2007.

Phoebe is a “non-migratory Channel Islands Allen’s Hummingbird” and she prefers to build her nests in the rose bushes. Oftentimes the camera is focused on the feeder and shows a wider view of her home.

According to the cam operator, Phoebe “has been laying 4 to 5 clutches each year for several years” so if we’re patient we can hopefully see some of her beautiful babies! Don’t expect to get too good of a visual on her eggs, though, as they are roughly the size of a single tic-tac! There is a photo of one of her eggs below.

To learn more about Phoebe or Allen Hummingbirds in general, the owner has set up a very informative page that you can visit by clicking here.

Other photos from the Hummingbird Webcam:

  • rjango

    the cam has never opened, i keep trying. i cant wait to see

  • girlie

    so great, i watched her, leave and saw the eggs then she came back!

  • girlie

    been watching for half an hour…what an education! thanks for the webcam

  • girlie

    ibe seen her eggs a bunch of times now… i wonder when they hatch? i hope i can catch that

  • mintspice

    I wonder when the eggs are going to hatch?

  • mintspice


  • mintspice

    I love watching the sunrise on the hummingbird it is so cool!

  • Shellen

    My 2.5yr old and I enjoy tuning in every day to see the “birdies”. To our surprise, there were babies! Thank you for having this for everyone to watch!

  • Ted

    Where did the nest go?!!!

  • Poo123


  • Karen Sue Riech Baker

    what happened to the the web cam. cant watch the hummingbird

  • April Craven

    I can hear the live audio, but the video isn’t there. :(

  • Annabel T.

    Humming birds are one of my favorites. :3

  • Karen Sue Riech Baker

    we got babies!!!!!!!!!

  • Gilda

    Wow, one of them hatched!!! Thank you so much for this great experience!

  • Deitra Bouyea

    perfect timing on this screen shot!

  • Carol Waltman Guffy

    They are so completely beautiful. So delicate – and the momma takes great care with them. I LOVE this live-cam.

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  • Gilda

    Wow, they’ve grown so fast. Such a treat to watch this! Can’t thank you enough.:)

  • Karen Sue Riech Baker

    im so happy to be seeing this live. it just makes my day.

  • Gilda

    Baby’s beak shows from under her:) So eager…:)

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  • Debby Mandeville

    I have been watching these birds for awhile now and I haven’t seen Phobe come back in a while. I hope she is ok……

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  • Debby

    I saw Phoebe a few minutes ago, feeding her two babies. Maybe she has two new babies in another nest. These two babies look almost ready to leave the nest. Glad to see she is ok!

  • Concerned……

    what happened to the nest and babies? Oh NO!!!!!


    What happened? Please

  • Bird Watcher

    This is strange. First, the dark screen that seems to have separated the rose bush from its surroudings disappeared. Then, the branch which supported the nest seems to have been neatly cut off… below the nest. I saw the lower body of someone walking to and fro on what seems to be a terrace.

    I don’t get it. The person responsible for this project seems to be a bird lover, judging from his other site. Why would he want to destroy the nest ? And if he wanted to put an end to the experiment, why would he keep the webcam online ? I understand this is costing him money. Is some vandalism occurring here ? Did someone trespass into the garden ?

  • mand

    ho my whats happened to the nest

  • JMS

    Where are the babies???

  • jms

    I feel just sick about this. If they didn’t want to do it any longer, why not shut the camera off? And if something terrible has happened to the babies, why not put up a note explaining that to the millions who have been following them?

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  • jms

    Thank you for sharing this video, but someone should have posted a sign or something with an explanation.

  • Name

    The mamma bird disappeared so the babies were taken to a rehabber.

  • Bird Watcher

    Congratulations for putting up this new contraption so quickly. I hope that nests will be reappearing some day, it was so fascinating.

  • Bird Watcher

    From the sites you have linked to, I gather that the bird which is now using your feeder is a male. At least we got a glimpse of both sexes now… Now, if it only used the hole nearer to the camera so we could see it better…

  • Melliemae

    Please give us an explanation as to what happened to the baby hummingbirds. Why is the nest gone? We have been checking in and suddenly NO nest…thank you for providing this great experience and please let us know the result

  • Melliemae

    Oh, thank God they’re OK. Thank goodness these people are watching the situation. There are many onlookers wondering what has happened.

  • Guest

    To Melliemae: The mother didn’t return for more than a whole day, and the babies were fed with a dropper, then taken the nest clipped off with it’s branch and taken to a rehabber, where I understand the chicks are doing well.

  • Guest

    To Melliemae: The mother didn’t return one day, so the babies were fed sugar water with a dropper. Later the nest was taken off with the branch, and taken to a rehabber. The chicks are doing well, as far as I know. I believe there’s a video clip of all that on the FB book.

  • Gilda

    The mother didn’t return one day and the babies were fed with a dropper, then taken to a rehabber. I believe there’s a clip on the FB page.