Black Eagle Webcam (Emoyeni and Thulane)

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Emoyeni and Thulane - the Black Eagles

Emoyeni and Thulane

Meet Emoyeni and Thulane, the stars of the Black Eagle nest webcam.

These two eagles-in-love live atop a 170 foot high cliff in Johannesburg, South Africa. The living conditions there are tough, but these two are determined to successfully hatch a group of baby eagles. Unfortunately, their first clutch of eggs did not hatch.

If the second group of eggs does hatch, the baby chicks and mother Emoyeni will have to take care to stay cool in the South African heat and Thulane will have to hunt enough food to feed the growing family.

About Black Eagles

Black eagles are birds of prey with a wingspan of between 160 and 180 centimeters. They soar high above the forrest in search of prey which can be animals as large as squirrels. They prefer thicker tree cover and they make their homes high above the forrest canopy for a better vantage point for potential food.

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  • girlie


  • Sherri Roberts

    how do I mark as fav, theres no mark it button

  • jenny

    Hooray, one baby and one egg still to hatch. I am so excited. Can’t wait to see the strongest one grow

  • Jenny

    So sad to see the one baby attacking the other. I realise that this is the strongest ones insurance that he will get the food and will survive. I just wish that the conservation people would step in and save the weaker baby and rear it with the use of a hand puppet (no human interaction) and release it once it is old enough to fed for itself.

  • Lori

    They cannot step in because if they do the mother will reject both chicks (eaglets).