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Baby Ostrich Incubator Webcam,

Pip The Baby Ostrich

This live cam is of Pip, a baby ostrich who hatched into this world on August 18, 2013 after spending 21 hours breaking out of her shell!

You are watching her heated incubator, which keeps her at a comfortable 90 degrees. She is being raised by hand by some wonderful bird-lovers in California. She apparently loves to be held and talked to — awwwww. You might see her drinking water out of a spoon held by the owner. The reason for this is that baby Ostriches need to be taught how to drink water. In a few days she will begin eating food.

Since we missed the hatching, here’s a great video of Pip entering the world. It’s beautiful:

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  • myrnaamet

    what a touching thing a man assisting God in bringing this beautiful work of God . dont know your name but l watched the nite before and was swo touched by the way you talked to her before the hatching she cant help but love you as much as she can. this girl is going to be very close to your heart all her life …and longer God add his blessings to the both of you.

  • NiK

    What in the world is that noise? Is that her?

  • Kim Post Mullenax


  • Kirby Tara Locklar

    Such a wonderful day when pip hatched, please more sound

  • Kirby Tara Locklar

    She is really busy, needs a playmate, bigger area, thank u so much for rescuing the egg, u have done so well, a joy to hear you family,s excitement, needs some bugs, maybe ???

  • Andi from Hun

    One of them seems to be ill. is everything ok with her/him?

  • holly

    it was cut

  • Mya M

    they are so cute