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Peregrine Falcon Family Webcam

1.23K Views1 Comments

We are so excited about this Peregrine Falcon webcam made possible by the National Aviary, PixController and the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Located at the Gulf Tower in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Peregrine Falcons h...

Flamingo Pond Webcam

2.35K Views0 Comments

Get excited for the wet flamingo cam! We love these distinct pink flamingos and are excited to present the flamingo cam at the Houston Zoo! Watch these flamingos wade in water and interact together! It’s absolutely fa...

Bald Eagle Family Nest Cam

3.14K Views69 Comments

This live stream features 2 adult bald eagles, Ozzie and Harriet, and their nest with two recently-born baby chicks. Right now, the chicks don't have official names, they are referred to as E3 and E4. These eagles hav...

Black Eagle Webcam (Emoyeni and Thulane)

2.70K Views4 Comments

The best viewing hours of this stream are from 1:00 am - 2:00 pm Eastern Time. Meet Emoyeni and Thulane, the stars of the Black Eagle nest webcam. These two eagles-in-love live atop a 170 foot high cliff in Joh...

Wild Bird Webcam – Cardinals, Sparrows, Doves, Woodpeckers

4.74K Views23 Comments

This webcam, located in Northern Virginia, shows a bird feeder for wild birds who can stop by for a quick chomp. The flying hoppers that you'll see include Cardinals, Sparrows, Grackles, Mourning Doves and the occasio...

Parrot Webcam – Bibi the African Grey Parrot

3.52K Views749 Comments

This colorful webcam shows Bibi - an African Grey Parrot who speaks over three hundred words in over 20 languages. As you can see, she has a very high tech home which allows all of us to watch her sing and dance w...

Hummingbird Webcam: Phoebe’s Nest and Feeder

3.46K Views613 Comments

This webcam shows the feeding area and nest of a Hummingbird in Orange County, California named Phoebe. The cam streams daily from 8AM-8PM Eastern Time and has been humming along since 2007. Phoebe is a "non-mi...

Baby Ostrich Webcam

2.42K Views193 Comments

You are currently watching pre-recorded video of the baby ostrich webcam. Click here to watch live bird webcams. This live cam is of Pip, a baby ostrich who hatched into this world on August 18, 2013 after spending...

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